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Woo look, an update!
So, I finally got around to installing semagic on this machine, and figured I should do one of those update thingies, since it's been so long. In fact it's been so long, i'm not quite sure where to start.

Well, as those of you who follow my twitter will know, i'm back in college. I'm studying computeing, or more specifically, ICT for practicioners. I've studdied a lot of things in my previous attempts at education, (history, french, psychology, sociology, business). But this is by far the most interesting thing i've ever studdied, with history coming a close second. It's all to do with web design, networking, programming, and all that fun stuff. I'm loving it. I find myself in the entirely new situation of actually looking forward to classes. Which I can assure you is something i've never felt before :P. Also, i'm kicking some major ass. The course is all assignment based, which means no exams! This totally works for me because I hate the exams. All that preparation for a couple of hours of answering questions when you're nervous as all fuck in case you find something on the paper you iether havn't studdied, or forgot to revise for. This way is much simpler. you get given an assignment brief, which tells you what you need to do to achiev each grade for that particular part of the course (iether a pass, a merit, or a destinction). and so far i've made every destinction grade i've been given. which is probably a first for me where something like this is concerned. So yeah, college is going quite well. We've got about 8 or 9 weeks of our first year to go, and even though i'm loving the classes, what sort of student would I be if I wasn't looking forward to about 3 months with nothing to do ;).

alright, that's enough waffling about college, on to other things. Like music! music music music! thanks to the extreme awesomeness that is, i've discovered a ton of new bands. and if you like your rock/metal, I seriously advise you give some of these a listen, if you havn't already. here you go:
A day to remember,
The devil wears prada,
dead by april,
bring me the horizon,
we came as romans,
buried in verona,
times of grace,
and you me at 6.
Over the past few months i've really gotten into sort of hardcore metal bands who mix death growls with clean vocals. along with my love for viking/pagan metal, and the gothic/melodic/synphonic stuff i've liked for years now.
aaand, the musical awesomeness doesn't stop there. already this year there have been new albums from turisas, amon amarth, and within temptation, just to mension a few. i'm loving the turisas album "stand up and fight", but I still need to listen to the amon amarth and within temptation albums propperly as i've only managed to hear a few tracks from each, (not that I dislike what i've heard).

Alright then. so after a morning where I wasted several hours of my life watching one of the worst wrestle manias I can remember, then busted my ass to finish a spreadsheet assignment (I hate spreadsheets), and then decided I should write an LJ post for the first time in almost a year, I should take my ass off to my coms tech class.

don't forget if you wish to follow me on twitter, i'm @dant7733.
on facebook just search for the username dant7733, and if you like your metal be sure to tune into my show, "the alternative to the sunday sermen" every sunday evening from 6 BST, (or 1 east for you US people).

take care, and maybe I won't leave it so long for the next update XD.


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