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here, there be ranting. (and other things)
subject line says it. you have been warned.

(begin rant)

5 weeks. 5 more weeks of class. 5 more weeks of some ignorant chinese maths teach teacher treating me like an invalid because I can't fucking see, then getting confused because the moron's written something on the board and guess what? I havn't complied. well duh. and what's the fucking deal with him coming over to me whenever I ask for help and turning to the support worker and going, "what does he need?" listen you ignorant twat, I don't speak a different fucking language, i'm blind not dumb. you can ask me. I mean jesus christ. you'd think he'd never seen a blind person before the way he acts. usually I don't get irritated about this sort of crap, I just take the odd ignorant person as par for the course. it happens. but you'd think since he's supposed to be working with me for a year, possibly even 2, he'd make the effort to wise up, right? or am I asking too much. no? didn't think so. ah well, only 5 more weeks, as I said. and maybe i'll get lucky and not have this douche next year.
on another college related note, wtf is with my web tutor. before I ellaborate on this, let me explain the structure of my course to you.
it's a BTech national. this means there's no exams, only coursework. so the tutors go through the year, spacing out this assignments, and teaching you the work rellovant to whatever assignment you're due to start next. this makes lots of sense as you're taught the work, then handed the assignment, and given a date in about 4 weeks to submit it. but no, apparently this is the wrong way to do it according to my web tutor. never mind the fact that this is how every fucking one else has done it for god knows how long they've been running these courses, and they've had successful results. no, apparently the best way to do it is to spend all year waffling at the class, occasionally teaching us something useful, then, with about 6 weeks to go, hit us with god knows how many assignments and give us about 3 weeks to hand them all in. such a brilliant idea. give that man an award, or something. again, am I being unreasonable here people? no? thank you.
On a slightly less irritating note, my phone is on it's last legs and I may have to buy an IPhone. I don't bloody want one! god. the amount people go on about these fucking things, you'd think they're god's answer to the world's problems. "oo, i've got an ap that can wipe my ass. leaving me with both hands free to pick my nose!" and "oo, i've found an ap that acts as a vibrater so look, no hands!" jesus christ! IT'S A PHONE, PEOPLE! you use it to phone people. why all the orgasmic excitement. yeah...this irritates me. and yeah I could get another type of phone, but with them killing simbian off soon, (which is the opperating system for nokias that supports talx), droids being ridiculously inaccessable for blind people, and the speach for a blackberry costing almost as much as the phone itself, yeah...the IPhone is the best option. but i'm not happy about it! and shall grumble about it a lot.

(ranting over, I think. if you're still reading this, i'm impressed)

on a happier note, i'm done with my first class for the year. i've managed to pick up a distinction in my communication technology class, and thus don't have to attend the class anymore. this means I get to sleep in a little later on a monday morning. This does beg the question of why i'm wide awake at 6AM on a monday morning writing this, but ah well.
it's been a heavy weekend. friday full of work, saturday full of much too much alcohol, and yesterday full of football, work, and recovering from the much too much alcohol. saturday by the way was pretty epic. I think I drank solidly for 12 hours, mixing cider with beer and white wine and vodka and tequila and whatever else we could find in the cupboards. it was the birthday of a friend of a friend. so I was invited over to get horribly drunk with them all. then I made a taxi driver take me to McD's at 1AM. which i'm not quite sure why I did that, as the food there is bad enough in the daytime. why did I think it'd be any better at 1AM when i'm drunk beyond all measure? btw it was worse than usual, and I think I threw the chips away they were that bad.
The weekend before that was also filled with large amounts of alcohol (this is how I should spend every weekend). and also a trip to the hereford racecourse where I gambled, and lossed. no surprises there then. but I spent 3 days in hereford and got to hang out with my friend andy and drink a lot and largely avoid the royal wedding. so it was all good.

And I think i'm done for now. i'm contemplating walking to the local garage for smokes as my shop isn't open yet and i'm out and really need one right about now. i'm also far too lazey to do it, so i'm suffering in silence. or maybe making other people suffer. we'll see.

take care, LJ land!


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