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sooo i'm actually writing in this thing,
ok so i've actually had this account for about 6 months and i'm only now writing in it lol. which in itself, is a surprise, probably as much to me as it will be to anyone else who knows me and reads this...
i originally made this when half drunk and decided it would be a place for my drunken rantings. but as for the majority of times i've been drunk i've not been near a computer, that kind of never happened. however, even though i'm writing sober, this will still contain plenty of rants...of that i assure you!
so first off, i'm bloody frustrated. i'm kinda obsessive about sports. cricket, football, rugby, tennis, you name it, i love it. but football most of all. and i'm proud to say i follow one of the finest footballing institutions in the world, liverpool football club. but things don't go well for the reds and since august when the new football season started, things have gone from bad to worse; from a horrific injury list that has left us without our most important players when we needed them, a manager who refuses to see sense and change the team tacktics as the ones he's using at the moment simply arnt working for us this season as they have done in seasons past, and a pair of clowns owning the club who have done nothing but lied to the fans from the moment they took control of liverpool in 2007, and are now slowly but surely running this fine footballing establishment into the ground. i had a bad feeling from the day in the middle of the summer, (before the season even started) that things wouldn't be good, when we sold xavi alonso, who as any liverpool fan will know, was one of our most influential and important players over the past few seasons. and ok, we've braught in aquilani to replace him, but he's spent the last few months out with an ankle injury and hasn't actually started a game for us as of yet, and rafa, refuses to give him any match practice, which is baffling more than just this reds fan. i mean for christ sake, we played 20 million for the guy, he's obviously fit now, so let him play and stop starting with that useless brazillian twat lucas every game. and another thing, fernando torres is probably one of the best strikers in the world today, there's no doubt about that, but why, do we only have one effective striker? david ngog's 21 years old and hasn't had enough playing time to ajust to the premiership, and although he shows signs of being a decent player in a few years time, he's really not someone we can rely on now. and as for Andre Vorinan, that useless ukranian ponytaled prick, he couldn't hit a barn door from 20 fucking paces. i mean seriously, he's got a hole goal to aim for, keeper stood stock still in the middle, he could have gone left or right, and what does the twat do? blasts it strait at the fucking keeper, omg. send him back to germany, where he seemed to be able to score goals for gods sake. and seriously, if he goes, and babbel goes, which is looking likely, (although i don't think the lads been given enough of a chance in all honesty), can we please use the money we make from those sales to buy a back-up striker for torres? it's ridiculous. how Rafa thaught we could go through the hole damn season, premiership, FA cup, Europa league, (since we're now out of the champion's league), is simply beyond me. i mean come on, the guys not stupid. he won the La Liga in spain with valencia, which in a league where real madrid and barcelona have enjoyed so much dominants, is no mean feat. so why he can't see that his tacktics arn't having the desired effects, and doesn't change them, simply baffles me. ok...i'm gonna leave the LFC ranting there for now. so as not to bore non-football fans too much lol.
in other news, i've *finally* found a college course i want to do which will give me the required qualifications to go to university and do my degree in radio broadcasting. it's a Btech national in IT, (the propper course name escapes me right now), but it deals with things like systems analysis, web production, maths in IT, and so on. I know it doesn't have much to do with radio, but i couldn't find a media course at my local college that didn't involve iether some kind of performance, (music or acting), or working with vidio cameras in some way, which would be a complete pain in the ass. and anyway, i've always wanted to become more computer literate, so i have my chance now. it's a 2 year course, starting next september. which leaves me sat on my ass for a further 9 months, but it gives both me and them plenty of time to work out what support i'll need to do the course. and also, buy the time i finish the course, i'll be 25 and won't have to pay university fees. which will result in a hell of a lot less debt. and now i know when i can go over to the states to see chelsea. i'm planning on flying out in may, and spending 3 months there, which is all my visa will allow. that way i can come home in august, and sort out any last minute problems i'm sure to have with college :P.
i've also been reading a hell of a lot of good books lately. "the gathering storm" the 12th book in the wheel of time series came out in october and it was bloody fantastic. brandon sanderson did robert jordan proud. can't wait for the next one now, "the towers of midnight" which should be out sometime next year. i'd forgotten how much i loved those characters. also the 10th book in the mich rap series, "pursuit of honor" was another fantastic read and vince flynn has done a wonderful job in the world of espianage and counter terrorism. and lastly, steven king's latest, "under the dome". omg loved it. took a while to get into it, but once i had i couldn't put it down. i've also recently got my hands on the adrian mole books buy sue townsand. a series i started reading when i was about 13, but only managed to get hold of the first 2 books in braille. i've now got all 5 books in the series in audio, and i've just finished the 3rd book and am about to start the 4th.
i'm also expanding my music collection once more. but without d demonoid, it's slow going. i have however aquired albums buy deicide, firewind, and hellowene, to name but a few, to add to my ever increasing collection.
and on one final note, i've just spent 10 bloody minutes on the phone booking train tickets and assisstance for friday. i'm off to brighton to visit an old college friend. should be a good weekend filled with drinking and all around good times.
k, i'm done now. lets see how long it takes me before i'm writing in here again lol.



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