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the world cup,college, and a painful visit
looky looky! i'm updating this thing, for the first time in about 8 months! thank you semagic for allowing me to update, and not letting my infinite lazyness get in the way :D.

so, the world cup! that amazing specticle of footballing awesomeness that comes every 4 years is back! 32 nations from all over the world, battle it out for one of the biggest prizes in sports. we're just over a week into the competition, and i'm loving every second of it. it was slow going, but the magic of the world cup is still going strong. we've already had matches and stories from south africa 2010 that will never be forgotten. switzerland beating spain, who are one of the favourites for the tournament, new zeeland recording a historic 1-1 draw with italy, the reigning world champions. and I have to say, i'm gutted the all whites drew. they totally deserved to win that match yesterday.
but it's not just the stories of footballing minnoes such as the swiss and NZ that make the world cup so special. it's the footballing greatness on show. players like lionel messi, without a doubt, the greatest footballer in the game today, and just one of an argentinian team who've proved, that despite a rough qualifying campaign, they're a force to be reckoned with in this tournament. brazil's kaka, the most expensive player in the world if I remember correctly, and as the competition hots up, we're sure to see great things from this player.
i'm having to evaluate my thaughts on brazil's chances of winning the cup this year. they might not have the style and flair and footballing grace of brazillian teams of the past, but under dunga, they're a solid team, and from what i've seen, I expect much improvement in coming matches.
however, after all this talk of the world cup, I was caught in quite a delemma when I realised that the wimbledon tennis championships start today. as you've probably guessed, I love sport. not just football, but tennis, rugby, cricket, racing, athletics, and pretty much anything else. so when I heard wimbledon was starting, I was like, what do I watch? football? or tennis? football? or tennis? now however, i've decided, that however much I love any other sport, be it cricket or tennis or rugby or whatever, it will never compair to the wonder and magic and shere awesomeness that is the beautiful game of football. so i'm sticking with the world cup, and i'll catch the tennis when I can.

ok, enough with the sport talk. and on to other things.

I recieved a letter the other day with details on my enrollment and start date of college. I have to enroll on july 7th, which is a lot earlier than I was expecting, (I was expecting to enroll sometime in late august). however, I guess since i'm attending as a mature student, (a student over the age of 21), I don't need to wait for exam results to determine whether or not I can take the course. I will then start college on september the 6th. and OMG I can't wait. i've been sat at home on my ass now for far too long, and it's time I did something before the bordem eats me alive. and, unlike last time I attempted education, i'm actually looking forward to this course. it's a BTech national deploma in practicioners I.C.T. so i'll be learning web design, networking, databases and spreadsheets, and programming. some of these things i've told myself i'd learn at some point, but never had the patience or motivation to teach myself. so yeah, bring on college! i'll be a student again!

one last thing now.

a few months ago I found out that my cousin's grandmother, who's been as close to me as one of my own grandparents for my hole life, and who i've always refered to as nana, even though she wasn't my grandmother, had lung cancer, and had approximately 9 months left to live. this was back in april sometime. then this week, I hear that her conditions worsened, and it's now a matter of days/weeks before she goes. we went to visit her last night, in a place in cardiff called home towers. which is a kind of hospice for old people. it's where they send you when there's nothing the doctors can do for you, and they want to make the rest of your time on this earth as easy and comfortable as possible. people go into this place, and they very rarely come out alive.
so anyway, I went to visit her last night, and it was one of the most difficult things i've ever done. it was horrible. and I don't want this to come across like i'm feeling sorry for myself, because i'm not. but everything hit me so hard last night. the place for starters. you know when you go into a hospital ward, or into a house where a really sick person is? and there's a certain feeling hanging over the place? well multiply that buy a hundred, and that's how home towers feels. then there was nanny. completely different to how i've always known her. she'd lost so much wait, was so quiet, not the laughing smiling affectionate person i've always known her to be. it took all the self control I had to keep my composure while I was visiting her, and even as we were leaving, and my mum and my brother and sister had tears in there eyes. as I said, one of the hardest things i've ever had to do. the family want to go back again today, and i'm not sure if I can go with them. as I said on my twitter last night, I always wished i'd gotten to see my grandad, and say good bye to him before he died when I was 12. but after last night, I think I prefer the time I spent with him before he went into hospital that last time on christmas day. just sitting and talking and laughing. and even though I didn't know it was going to be the last time I saw him, I still prefer it to the visit last night.

alright, well that's enough of my rambling for now. but i'm hoping to update more frequently now I have a way of updating without the website.



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